A is for 'Angle'

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Have you ever looked at an optical illusion, seeing one thing, but from a different angle seeing something different?  It’s quite a surprise!  Having trouble seeing your plot or the progression of your story?  Change the angle!

Classic damsel in distress story?  Give that girl a machete and stand back!  Even a meek and mild character can have their heroic moments.  Was it really a dark and stormy night that your murder took place?  Ha!  Put it in broad daylight in the middle of a beautiful park.  Stir it up, shift the angle of who’s seeing the action.

Write the unexpected and sometimes your characters will surprise you!  It will surprise your readers too and make them come back for more.

A is for ‘Angle’

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Choose a childhood story and switch the good guy for the villain.  Or turn a nursery rhyme on its head.  Have fun!

Ms. Muffett… A Tangled Web No More

Little Ms. Muffett sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider and sat down beside her and she gassed the poor thing with her spray.

He fell to the ground dazed and looked around,

His limbs all limp and splayed

He looked up with fright, at the hideous sight

Of Ms. Muffett’s big black can of Raid!


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